When and How can I redistribute free of charge the DLL?

First of all, to redistribute your apps with the dll, you only have to deploy the DLL with your exe and register it inside the registry of your customer's PC. To register the DLL, just use the standard command line REGSVR32 program or set the correct option inside your installation program (Installshield for VB has an option for register automatically the DLLs).

No external setup programs are needed. Just copy the DLL and your exe, and register on the target PC the DLL.

You can redistribute for free the DLL together with your applications, provided that you respect and comply to this limitations and rules:

  1. you cannot make competitive product to PDFReport: for example, no products like ReportMakers or Crystal Reports;
  2. You cannot use PDFReport to create Applications whose main purpose is to create PDF files or code: no PDF Printer Driver for example, or PDF conversion web sites;
  3. You must take care that your serial number is not deployed visible inside your application: so, if you give away the source code, the serial must be deleted from it, and the people who buys you r source must buy a valid serial too to compile it again. Again, you cannot sell ASP web based applications with PDFReport Runtime inside, as they have clearly visible code (and my serial too).
  4. In any way, the DLL you redeploy cannot be used by any other developer unless he has a valid serial; you must have one license for one developer. No copy of the DLL deployed for runtime must run in design time in any kind of Development Tool, in any case, unless you have bought a valide license for that PC.
  5. If you are an Internet Service Provider, you are not allowed to install and let your customer use the DLL on the internet servers unless you have a special agreement with the Author - Massimo Brini