Creating External Links
To PDF files

With PDFReport XP you can also define an "HOTSPOT AREA", an area of the page where, if you click, you are sent to another PDF file.

To obtain this effect, very useful for example if you want to create a link from a product's name to its techinical datasheet, which is in another PDF made for example in Quark Xpress, you simply use this function:

CreateLink_External (X1, Y1, X2, Y2, OutlineWidth, _
  OutlineColorR, OutlineColorG, OutlineColorB, _

The first 4 parameters are the x, y coordinates of the upper left and bottom right corners of the clickable rectangular area.

The Outline* parameters express the RGB values for the color of the border of the linked area.

The last parameter, DestinationFileName, indicates the PDF file to open in response of an user's click.