PDFReport XP is an ActiveX DLL for developers. It allows Developers to generate from their programs PDF files on the fly using a PDF Object and drawing primitives.

PDFReport is NOT a PRINTER DRIVER, it is a PDF Engine.

A PDF Printer driver usually:

  1. is not Thread safe, so it cannot be used on web sites,
  2. is not fast, so it can give performance problems when you are generating reports or price lists
  3. must be installed with an external setup programcan be incompatible with newer Windows versions (e.g. Printer Drivers for Win 9x and WinME are NOT compatible with Win2K/XP)
  4. must be installed in the right version for the right OS (if you install a Win2K driver on WinME or viceversa can have HUGE problems, even system corruption!)
  5. It uses a lot of RAM and is prone to memory leaks
  6. Cannot be used directly from ASP

PDFReport XP can be used to generate fast reports in PDF format, Invoices, documentations of any kind, solving all the problems above.

The license FEE is on a "pro Developer basis"; this means that you should buy only a license for every developer who uses it. If you need to cover all the developers of the firm, just buy the Enterprise License which costs only as much as 2 copies of the program.

This means that you can deploy freely the program with you application, without paying for it, provided that:

1) generating PDF is a secondary feature of your application (so, you cannot create competitive products to PDFReport, encapsulate it inside another component and resell it, create a printer driver, sell PDF conversion/creation on the web based on it)

2) you keep you serials out of sight for the end user, so you must compile it inside your application.