Font Styles

With PDFReport XP you can choose if your fonts are outlined and/or filled with colour.

The property setting this style is :


This integer-type property can assume 4 values:

a) "0" is the normal style (Filled, no Outline)

B) "1" is the outlined style (No Filled, only Outline)

c) "2" means both Filled and Outlined text

d) "3" is a very special effect: setting TextRendering = 0 you can make text completely invisible, but still searchable and selectable. This means that you can protect with an invisible watermark your texts: if anyone tries to copy your contents, your watermarks will be copied as well! Best of all, it is unlikely that the people who stole the content will see this so it will be easy to track him down, simply embedding in this "copyright watermark" his unique id!