Why should I choose PDFReport instead of GHOSTSCRIPT and a printer driver - aren't they free?

GHOSTSCRIPT IS NOT FREE FOR COMMERCIAL USE. If you use it and you are not a private individual, you have to pay for it, just like any other software. My component is Royalty Free so you pay once then you can redistribute it as runtime (see license).

Why should I choose PDFReport instead of a GPL solution - aren't they free?

GPL LICENSE IS NOT OK FOR COMMERCIAL USE. If you use GPL components or sources, your own programs that use them go GPL'd.

A lot of people like me verifies if a program uses a GPL techonology but closes its sources - when this happens, we ask by our lawyers to have the sources of your programs and disclose them on the net... (as granted by the GPL license you would have accepted using the software). Of course, I think you wouldn't like this.

AS I REALLY LOVE GPL, I HATE THOSE WHO VIOLATE THAT LICENSE AND PRINCIPLE, egoistically using GPLd open sources without disclose their own.

On the other side - if you are an individual, a student, or if you want to open source your program, those libraries can be even better than my PDFReport, with less cost, and my suggestion is USE THEM!

Can I open or edit existing PDF files with PDFReport?

No. PDFReport XP doesn't allow to open other pdf files. It is designed to CREATE pdf files, not to edit them.

Can I use PDFReport to print PDF files?

No. PDFReport XP is not a PDF Viewer. Use Acrobat OCX instead.

Can I use my Truetype fonts with PDFReport?

Yes. Truetype fonts must be installed to be used by the component; you should also copy the *.ttf file to the program folder or another folder to be sure:

a) that the program using PDFReport has enaugh permissions to read the file (ASP pages cannot read all folders!)
b) that the OS isn't using the font at that moment so the file is locked.

Is PDFReport a printer driver?

No. PDFReport XP doesn't allow to print existing documents to PDF: it is designed to be used by your code directly through its API.


- a printer driver doesn't scale well with multiple users/requests
- a printer driver cannot be used by ASP pages
a printer driver cannot be installed by your setup program
- a printer driver cannot be compatible with all operating systems, from the old Win98 to Win2003
- a printer driver is not Royalty Free

- a printer driver is not fast and reliable

Our DLL has all these advantages.

If you need to print to PDF, you have to buy a PDF printer driver. As a Printer driver isn't Royalty Free, you also need to buy a copy for every program you sell, and you cannot deploy a Trial version (you should buy a license of the driver even for the Trial versions!).

By the way: GHOSTSCRIPT IS NOT FREE FOR COMMERCIAL USE. If you use it and you are not a private individual, you have to pay for it, just like any other software. So, don't even think that exists a pdf printer driver free of charge.

Can I password protect my PDF files made with PDFReport?

In the past the feature was not considered for copyright issues on the RC4 algorithm used in PDF. Maybe we will add it to the product in a next release, as a recent vote in the European Union Senate has definitevely abolished Patents on Software and as it appears that RC4 was protected only as corporate secret.

Can I use your PDFReport to create a Scan2PDF software? or a "Something2PDF" software?

No, the license forbids this use. If you need to create such a software ask us for a quotation for the technology.

Is the library compatible with ASP pages?

YES, and it also allows ASP developers to create PDF files on the fly and send them to the browser without saving temp files.

Why sometimes my browser opens the PDF file as text instead then in Acrobat Reader?
Because Internet Explorer is REALLY BUGGY. Possible solutions:

a) choose/suggest another Browser
b) add a dummy parameter to your link line in IE so it ends in ".PDF", IE uses the file extension istead of the MIME type even if the browser receives the correct instuctions.
c) reset the browser mime types manually on every client.

Cannot help in any other manner - it's someone else's bug, not mine!

Can I sell web sites using PDFReport technology?

No, as ASP pages are not compiled, the serial would be accessible to your user!
You can sell web sites with PDFReport only if you compile the PDF features inside a compiled DLL of your own, maybe in VB, DLL that will be recalled from your VBScripts. Otherwise, all your site must be sold with a new license of the product.

Can I host web sites using PDFReport technology?

If you are an Internet Service Provider and want to give your hosting users PDF features, please contact us for special quotations and a special version of the DLL. The cost is about 50 U$ for hosted site with PDFReport activated. Each one of your users will have a special dedicated key.

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