We are sure you'll appreciate our component.

To allow our customers to test it deeply and take confidence with it, we have prepared this TRIAL version. This TRIAL cannot be used in commercial works, and it will display a "nag" string on every PDF page created.

The functions and properties are the same as the registered version, so it will be very easy to change the TRIAL version for the Registered version once you purchase.

The Trial is given with a setup program, so you can also unsinstall it completely (no things or changes are left behind! - your computer will be rolled back completely)

Other competitor ask you to register and to leave an email to get the Trial: we prefer instead not to bother you and not to force you to give us an email address. So, you are sure we won't ever spam your email box and that WE REALLY RESPECT OUR CUSTOMERS.

To download the Trial version, just click here: (approx 2 Mbytes)

Visual Basic 6 Example (complete project)

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