About Us

Dreamscape has been established in October 2000.

All our efforts are aimed to the production of RELIABLE, FAST and EASY solutions for other developers and end users.

For developers: we create frameworks and libraries to speed up application lifecycle and to empower with new technologies (PDF) their programs.

For end users, we create reliable solutions, C/S, 3 tier or web based, always with zero administration problems and high performance and availability.

We have strengthened and sharpened our technical skills and our knowledge base in over 10 years of hard work in the IT sector, long before the company was born.

Our products are based on the following technologies/languages: Delphi, VB, VB.Net, C#, Java.

We apply the most advanced Software Quality Assurance strategies and techniques, to be confident that all our products are reasonably strong, compatible and reliable: they are deeply tested to avoid waste of memory or server crashes.

As old programmers, we also believe in code efficiency: our code is deeply optimized to reach great speeds and to use the lowest quantity of RAM according to the task.

Finally - our software is built to be deployed easily: we force ourself to make software installation easy and reliable, to avid hassles to our customers when they need to deploy their applications, and of course also to avoid problems when these apps are uninstalled (after uninstall, we NEVER leave behind application or library piecies!).

We are sure that you'll appreciate our efforts and join our actual customers very soon, just after trying our products!

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